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Communists and the SEC Proxy Access vote

We attended the SECs open meeting yesterday. Seated directly behind us were Mr. Thomas Lehner, a representative from the Business Roundtable and Ms. Amy Goodman, a former Chief of the SEC Task Force on Corporate Accountability and, currently, a Partner at Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher . (According to a press release issued when Mr Lehner testified at an SEC-sponsored Roundtable on Proxy Access, the Financial Times cited the Business Rountable as "the most influential chief executive lobbying group in the U.S.") The two were in good spirits, celebrating what they perceived to be an impending victory with respect to the vote on Shareholder Proposals relating to the Election of Directors. At one point in their conversation, we believe they discussed branding opponents to the Shareholder Proposal vote as "communists." They may have been referring to the AFL - CIO and related labor interests. We bring this up to note the type of unfair, unethical tactics used by op