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Another forecast confirmed

The Labor Department today announced..that "unemployment dropped to 9.4 percent—its lowest number since mid-2009—and employers added 103,000 non-farm jobs in December." We agree with Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis: “One thing is for certain: (Obama Administration) investments have reversed the trend of catastrophic job losses and put this country on the road to recovery.” These unemployment numbers confirm our September 2, 2010 Fully Adjusted Return (tm) forecast : "unemployment will trend downward as payrolls and the economy gain strength." Even with the outstanding unemployment numbers, as we noted in our December 31, 2010 Fully Adjusted Return (tm) Forecast, "most stock market forecasters expect equity markets to do well in 2011. While we expect certain sectors, like technology and energy, to do better than others, we are not as optimistic as most."