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The Blue Economy. Alice Gabidoulline, Grace Pottebaum, Andrew Taber, Impact Interns and Analysts, Creative Investment Research.

On June 23rd, the NSU Broward Center for Innovation held a webinar titled “Blue Economy: Trends, Challenges, Opportunities, Strategies” to discuss the advancement of sustainability and innovation in developing the human economy around ocean resources.  Moderated by John Wensveen, the Executive Director of the NSU Broward Center for Innovation, the panel included Shelby Thomas, CEO of Ocean Rescue Alliance, Daniel Kleinman, CEO of Seaworthy Collective, Sean O’Hanlon, Principal at Tierra Verde, and Alec Bogdanoff, Principal at Brizaga.  The Blue Economy , according to the World Bank is defined as as “the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods and jobs, and ocean ecosystem health.” Through the webinar, the panelists discussed the current state of the Blue Economy, its various sectors and applications, and what to expect moving forward. The panelists could not overstate the economic magnanimity of this growing industry, citing an overall market cap es