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DC's Revealed Black Economic Development "Plan"

DC's Revealed Black Economic Development "Plan" DC has the highest rate of HIV infection, the highest Black/White income disparity and the most rapid gentrification in the United States. These facts are not unrelated. Together, they point to the true economic development policy, at least for Black people, in the city. My analysis and experience, described in detail below, supports this contention. Since 2005, we have been managing an effort to bring  crowdfunding  to  small businesses  in DC. My firm was  selected  to develop a crowdfunding program for the District's Great Streets Program. The effort we undertook was initially funded at $85,000, was reduced to $25,000 and further reduced to $20,000. DC has actually paid a fraction of this amount. Despite this, we moved ahead. At DC's Historic Metropolitan AME Church, we  worked with four innovators  to launch crowdfunding projects  in support of their DC-based businesses. W

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