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Nancy Pelosi by Diya Wang, Creative Investment Research Intern, Georgetown University

The POLITICO Interview moderated by Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was hosted on April 2 nd . During the interview, many issues were brought up and discussed. These included the congressional agenda, policy, politics and the most up-to-date news. Since April 2 nd was Equal Pay Day, the symbolic day where women earn what men earned in the previous calendar year, the conversation started with Nancy Pelosi’s contention that the House was very excited about the Equal Pay Day. She discussed key issues on the Democratic agenda - lowering healthcare cost by lowering prescription drug costs, equal pay, how equal pay is part of cleaning up our government. When asked about the Mueller Report, Ms. Pelosi was confident that there WILL BE a release  because "the American people deserve the truth." She said, “Winning the election enables us to do some other things, but we focus on making things happen for the American people. That’s not poli

2017 Fiscal Summit by Henry Zhang, Impact Investing Intern, University of Toronto

The US is in major trouble, this being the gigantic amount of debt it has issued. The debt burden is getting bigger by the second and shows no sign of stopping. For those that aren’t sure what this means, it means less public spending in the future, more inflation, and a large scale economic crisis ahead. Major trouble attracts major attention, so on May 23rd, 2017, the well known Peter G. Peterson Foundation hosted the 2017 Fiscal Summit, with prominent speakers like Senator John McCain, Senator Mark Warner, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (and many others) all convening to discuss the national debt, the current political landscape, and implications of the debt for the nation's future. The key message from the conference is this: nothing can be done and nothing will be done unless the Republicans and the Democrats work together. Right now, there’s little hope for that. Bipartisanship is an unknown land at this point, and very, very far away, since each party sees t