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Crowdfunding webinar - 9/13/12

This webinar will provide a social investing summary of the law,  along with a summary of how investors and businesses can use the law to enter the Crowdfunding market.  We will also review current developments. All paying attendees will get a copy of my book:  The JOBS Act: Crowdfunding for Small Businesses and Startups  [Paperback - Published 9/26/12]  The law targets emerging growth companies and defines them as an  issuer with “total annual gross revenues of less than $1,000,000,000  (one billion dollars)..during its most recently completed fiscal year.”  For potential investors, providing a platform for the sale of emerging company securities does not require registration as a Broker/Dealer, given certain exemption qualifications.  To become a funding platform, vendors must  fulfill 12 requirements.  Equity issuers are subject to certain restrictions/limits.  There are four trading restrictions and three exemptions. Issuers (Emerging Growth Companies) are liable for any

Socially responsible investing news

SRI News   IRF Conference identifies responsible investing as key issue for retirement funds ITInews Responsible Investing (RI) has been identified by government as key focus on the horizon for the retirement fund industry and may even become regulated in the near future. ... "Communication in this regard needs to include how the investment strategy ... See all stories on this topic » ITInews

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