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SF 49er Protest this coming Sunday, Sept 8th

If the 49ers knew and this is true…That special legislation was passed so that the Santa Clara Stadium Authorities could circumvent the California State laws in regards to contractor selection when using public funds.

If the 49ers knew and this is true…That Turner/Devcon joint venture, the contractor selected to build the stadium, submitted a list of “pre-qualified subcontractors” and that list had NO, zero, African American Contractors on that list.

What does that say about our 49ers? That Black Players are good enough to perform on the field but Black Business people are NOT GOOD ENOUGH to build a stadium.

1940’s – they said we could not Play the game
1960’s – they said we were not smart enough to Quarterback
1980’s – they said we could not Coach a winning team

Now in 2013 – We CAN’T BUILD a stadium ??

Forward & Pass ON, so people know there is a process that “Excludes” folks and we’re not going to continue to let this happen.

We deserve the “American Dream” too !!!

Carl Davis Jr