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FDIC revises rules on private equity investments

According to the New York Times , "The Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation imposed(new rules governing investments by) private equity firms seeking to buy failed institutions, although they eased more onerous proposals in hopes of luring them to the table." The new rules are designed to address concerns that "private equity buyers might engage in aggressive practices that could put its deposit insurance fund at risk." "The rules..require private equity-controlled banks to pour enough capital into a failed bank so that it has a cushion of at least 10 percent of its assets for three years. The F.D.I.C. dropped a requirement that private equity firms supply additional capital in the event of a severe downturn, required private equity firms not sell an acquired bank for at least three years, imposed restrictions barring the acquired bank from lending to companies affiliated with the private equity buyer, and exempted private equity firms from complying with the

Alternative Investment Roundup, January 27 through 30, 2008 in Scottsdale, AZ

"Bringing Together Leading LP’s and GP’s – Over $1 Trillion in LP Assets Represented" Complimentary attendance for Qualified Plan Sponsors See list of attending Institutional Investors ( click here for details) The Alternative Investment Roundup is four concurrent conferences at the same location. The Conference examines Private Equity, Hedge Fund, Institutional Real Estate and Portable Alpha Strategies. The programs share networking events, offering an opportunity to meet a wide array of alternative investment professionals and investors. Over 500 senior decision makers attended last year’s event. Creative Investment Research is a Media Sponsor for this year's event.