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The Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center by Sahil Grover, Impact Investing Intern, University of Virginia

When discussing some of the America’s most innovative cities and areas, Washington DC does not immediately come to mind. Despite serving as our nation’s capital and being home to the world’s most powerful government, DC has been known to lag behind other metropolitan areas in the tech space. In an effort to showcase some of the exciting progress being made around the District, Atlantic Magazine teamed up with The Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center to co-host The Game Changers, a two-part discussion panel led by Washington Editor-In-Chief Steve Clemons. The event was underwritten by Microsoft. Videos of the discussion can be found here.

The first part of the discussion focused on sourcing innovation and comprised of 3 speakers:

Dana Grayson, Partner, New Enterprise AssociatesMaria Rose Belding, Director, MEANS DatabaseShane Scranton, CEO, IrisVR
These three served as excellent examples of the unique ways to becoming a leading innovator. Though each speaker had very different backgr…