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SEED SPOT DC VENTURE THURSDAYS by Skyler Myers, Creative Investment Intern, Clemson University

Booz Allen Hamilton was gracious enough to host 2019’s DC Venture Thursdays sponsored by Seed Spot, an organization supporting entrepreneurs making a societal impact. Seed Spot helps by providing mentors, capital, and other resources needed to succeed. The March 21 event was the final pitch practice for the entrepreneurs participating in the program. Each was given three minutes to summarize their product or service. Booz Allen Hamilton, a leading business and technology consulting firm, was the perfect place to hold the event, with a space that resembled more of an incubator than a consulting office. There was coffee on draft, pizza, and beer available for all participants, giving the high-pressure event a more laid back feel, and the location was stuffed with virtual reality gear connected to large monitors. Nine entrepreneurs were given a shot to impress the audience, who were then able to ask biting questions to the entrepreneurs themselves on the spot. Of the nine

Seed Spot Demo Day: A Night of Excitement, Passion, and Social Impact

On July 14th, 2017, Seed Spot hosted their first ever demo day for their Washington, D.C. location. Seed Spot is a nonprofit organization, based in Phoenix, AZ., committed to supporting social entrepreneurs through education and investment. They did not disappoint. At core, Seed Spot embraces entrepreneurs seeking to solve social problems, regardless of the entrepreneur's race, gender, age, or socio-economic background.  Seed Spot's dedication to the D.C. area was on full display as well, with the CEO and many board members in attendance. Their dedication to inclusion and excellence was also on vivid display at the magnificent Warner Theater in downtown Washington on Thursday night, with nine truly remarkable DC-area startups being showcased to a packed crowd. The startups on display completed Seed Spot's 14-week accelerator program. These businesses are more than just individuals with a dream or good idea.  Each startup had a strong team complete with a board of d