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Obama Administration releases Diversity Plan

The plan seeks to implement Executive Order 13583 establishing a coordinated, government-wide initiative to promote diversity within the Federal government. The Executive order "directs departments and agencies to develop and implement a more comprehensive focus on diversity." The Plan focuses on: Workforce Diversity Workplace Inclusion Sustainability Much of the initiative is concerned with metrics, that is, developing and collecting appropriate statistics to measure diversity and how well the Government is meeting it's goal to become more so. Another focal point appears to be outreach. Other key steps include leadership development and mentoring. These are all tried and true methods. While there is nothing earth shattering in the Report and Plan, we find it a welcome alternative to the eight years that the previous Administration spent talking about diversity without ever once offering a plan for the Federal Government to become more so. See:

Occupy and Small Business

Support for movement now can mean more business later By William Michael Cunningham, Published in the Washington Post on November 12 I have been attending the Occupy K Street protest. In fact, I have put to use my skills running an investment firm, holding a teach-in at the site on the causes of and cures for the financial crisis. In my time there, I spoke with protesters, sympathizers and opponents. I learned a lot about the movement, much of which was, to me, surprising. Some of these lessons may be of interest to businesses in the area. Regardless of your political views, I think small business people should embrace the protests. I know this is difficult — small business people tend to be conservative and tend to vote Republican. But to the extent that income disparity eases, more people will have money. With more money, more people will be able to buy goods and services from small businesses. And considering the number of small businesses that have failed since the start of the fin

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