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Some Companies Have Done Better Than Others Keeping Racial Justice Pledges by Detroit Today - May 28, 2021

"Last year, after the murder of George Floyd, 251 American companies vowed to combat systemic racism within their own organizations. In aggregate, these companies pledged $65 billion to bolster their diversity and equity initiatives. One year later, economist William Michael Cunningham says only $500 million has been allocated toward these efforts. 'We know American corporations can move if they want to … there’s a lot of expertise in communities of color that could help these companies make these changes … the impetus for making these kinds of rapid changes has definitely declined.' —William Michael Cunningham, Creative Investment Research Cunningham explains that American companies have the resources to honor these pledges, but he says structural and cultural problems, as well as a lack of accountability, are hindering their ability to follow through on their promises." Economist William Michael Cunningham on the impact of racial justice pledges. Listen:  Checking I

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