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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Nancy Pelosi by Diya Wang, Creative Investment Research Intern, Georgetown University

The POLITICO Interview moderated by Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was hosted on April 2nd. During the interview, many issues were brought up and discussed. These included the congressional agenda, policy, politics and the most up-to-date news.

Since April 2nd was Equal Pay Day, the symbolic day where women earn what men earned in the previous calendar year, the conversation started with Nancy Pelosi’s contention that the House was very excited about the Equal Pay Day. She discussed key issues on the Democratic agenda - lowering healthcare cost by lowering prescription drug costs, equal pay, how equal pay is part of cleaning up our government.

When asked about the Mueller Report, Ms. Pelosi was confident that there WILL BE a release  because "the American people deserve the truth." She said, “Winning the election enables us to do some other things, but we focus on making things happen for the American people. That’s not politics. That’s our purpose. And that is who we are as democrats.”

When asked about her conversations with the White House, infrastructure was mentioned many times. She said the Democrats are ready to talk and to explore any opportunities for the Democrats and the Republicans to work together.

Asked about what Democrats can do with the White House’s move to shut down the Mexican/US  border, and id she thinks that this move can put more pressure on the Mexican government, Ms. Pelosi commented, “I don’t know what the basis of what he believes. He may have decided, but I can’t imagine he believes that would be a good idea.” She also added, “I don’t know who is advising him there and if advising is even a word. I don’t know who’s poisoning his mind on some of these subjects.”  She believes resources should be used for the purpose that they are designed for, which is to improve the safety and quality of life of people.

At the end of the interview, Nancy Pelosi said that she was happy about the what the House is doing now. She also added that, “it is important for us to win the House, and we will. The Senate - we think we can do.” And she also mentioned that the Democrats are getting the votes to help them win the White House.