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Technology Commercialization Showcase for Women & Minorities - Yuxi Song, Xiaoxiao Yin, CIR 2011 Interns

We attended the Technology Commercialization Showcase for Women & Minorities this morning, June 8, 2011, at the University of Maryland, College Park. The event was sponsored by IWIF: "IWIF Workers’ Compensation Insurance has specialized in providing workers’ compensation insurance to Maryland businesses since 1914." IWIF opened the Showcase with a brief introduction about itself and its core business. Dr. Robert L. Wallace delivered a 30-minute lecture on utilizing strategic partnerships for commercialization success in technology and outlined 12 steps to building a good partnership: 1. Building trust 2. Get your "mogo" working ( mogo means: mission, objectives, goals, opportunity); 3. Maximize client pain IQ; 4. Know thyself ( limitation, strength and value); 5. Know thy partner; 6. 360 review; 7. Embracing the boulder; 8. Determine the alpha project; 9. Remaining independent; 10. Embracing the porcupine; 11. Joint venture continuum; 12. Transition strategi