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Containing the Coronavirus: Chenyue Zhu, Impact Investing Intern, Georgetown University

On Monday February 10, 2020, the Hudson Institute and the Bipartisan Commission on Biodefense hosted a panel discussion on the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and how the United States can respond to the growing outbreak effectively. The virus has become more than a national security threat for China, as the number of the infected has exceeded 43,000 (64,000 as of Feb. 13), worldwide according to the latest data from the Nature. However, the proliferation of the epidemic in a short period should not only be attributed to its contagious characteristics. To avoid tragedy, it is essential to understand how public health regulation and management fails when faced with an unexpected outbreak of disease. In the panel discussion, five guest speakers provided thoughtful insights on risk management and the establishment of a rapid response system. As Dr. William Karesh mentioned, precautions are necessary because it will be too late to take action once the epidemic spirals out of control.