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China Construction Bank

BEIJING/HONG KONG (Reuters) - "China Construction Bank , the country's second-largest lender by assets, said on Monday it expects local currency lending to grow 10 percent this year, implying stepped up activity in the second half, but warned of slowing profit growth. Construction Bank, which on Friday posted a 71 percent jump in first-half net income to 58.7 billion yuan ($8.6 billion), said growth in lending would be driven in part by loans to small and medium-sized enterprises and agricultural businesses." We have created a set of reports covering the financial and social performance of the top five Chinese banks.

Chinese Bank Research

Chinese banks are growing so rapidly that they have attracted the attention of various organizations and institutions worldwide. Aside from their growth rate, Chinese banks are famous for their comparatively high asset values and for the backstory of a rising nation that is beginning to exert significant influence on the global economy. Recently, some social investing network and member groups such as BankTrak and Friends of the Earth have initiated campaigns focusing on the social aspects of these banks. We believe that very little research addressing the relationship between the financial performance and social responsibility or corporate citizenship of these banks has been conducted to date. We recently completed five summary reports covering the financial and social performance of the top five banks in China. We note that: * Bank of China has launched an equity fund which specializes in socially responsible investment. * Bank of Communication has made loans to small enter