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Number of New Black Businesses "Jumps" by 400%

A  recent survey  found that African American businesses are increasing at the fastest pace ever. Survey results suggest the 400% rise occurred from 2017 to 2018. Conducted by Guidant Financial and LendingClub, survey data was collected via email sent to "more than 2,600 business owners and entrepreneurs. It found that 45% of all small business in the country were owned by minority ethnic groups in 2018." Earlier (2015) survey results put this number at 15%. Charts below show some of the survey data: Survey sponsors noted that "the highest volume of African American entrepreneurs lives in Texas, followed by Georgia, California, Florida, and North Carolina." (During our discussion at the Denton Black Chamber of Commerce Dinner in March, 2014, we noted the elevated profile of Texas with respect to African American businesses: . Also see:  ) While we are encouraged by these initial survey res

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