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Why Inflation Is NOT A Problem

The chart shows the Consumer Price Index: Total All Items for the United States, Growth Rate Previous Period, Monthly, Not Seasonally Adjusted. Notice the decline in the most recent month.  While subject to change, the most recent data shows inflation moving in the right direction: the inflation outlook is improving. 
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Crowdfunding 101 and Investing 101

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Inflation Reduction Act Could Bring Black Americans $22.3 Billion

Report: Inflation Reduction Act Could Bring Black Americans $22.3 Billion Economic Impact - According to The Inflation Reduction Act and the Black Community, August 2022 report by Creative Investment Research, the figure represents spending and tax rebates that could flow back into the Black community over nine years. The nearly $740 billion health care, tax, and climate bill became a law after President Joe Biden signed it last month. Collectively, the legislation is expected to bring relief to millions of Americans, including Blacks. 

TOP 50 CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGNS 2010- 2014 - Free Kindle Book Download

Our analysis of the Top 50 crowdfunding campaigns from 2010 to 2014 is now available for free on Amazon from Sept 12th to Sept 13th . Fifty crowdfunding campaigns are detailed and described. The publication is a graphical analysis, with crowdfunding campaigns color coded for easy analysis: (Gold = Games; Red = Movies; Purple = Hardware; Green = Social). The book shows the dollar amount for every reward or perk ($1 to $10, $11 to $20, etc.). Each reward is also described, using language from the campaigns. Each chart shows the cumulative number of rewards/perks collected for each of the 50 campaigns. The charts also show the exact number of rewards taken for each "perk." Using information compiled, analysts can efficiently “identify historical techniques, strategies, and crowdfunding secrets that will give the best chance of meeting goals.” DOWNLOAD HERE: ­

FEDERAL AGENCY EQUITY ACTION PLANS: Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government

Signed on "his first day in office, Executive Order 13985, Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government... directed the Federal Government to advance an ambitious whole-of-government equity agenda." We have written a book that compiles and evaluates Federal Equity Action Plans, grading each Federal Agency and includes the text of each plan. The Executive Order signed by President Biden is also included.


After causing the 2008 (and, arguably the 2020) financial crises, moderate- and low-income citizens bailed out large financial institutions. They did so again in 2019 and 2020.  When all individual transactions are summed across all Federal Reserve credit facilities, a total of $29 trillion dollars was spent, including $16.41 trillion to 14 larger financial institutions. This includes bailing out Goldman Sachs, a firm with a record of unethical behavior:    Now, THIS was truly unfair. Forgiving a small portion of student loans is not. As to the claim that somehow bailing out banks (and companies via PPP loans) is required, this is false. In 2008 and 2020, “gains..were captured disproportionately by the recipient banks” and their management in the form of bonus compensation.  95% of the benefit went to people making over $250,000 a year. They “ended up getting a subsidy to the tune of” trillions of dollars.  Likewise, any gains from PPP lo

The Monetary Impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on the Black Community

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA), passed by the 117th Congress and signed into law by President Biden on August 16, 2022, will have a significant impact on the African American community. We estimate the initial economic impact to be $22.322 billion over nine years, 4.5% of $490 billion in spending and tax rebates, with much of the benefit going to Black women. Details Increased Health Insurance: Black Americans are much less likely to be covered by health insurance than whites. [1] This law has the potential to address this disparity. If successful, this provision will have the largest social and economic impact of any provision in the law by increasing health care, life expectancy and, consequently, years worked and income. This provision may lower the economic impact of health issues in the Black community. We estimate the initial impact to be $6.4 billion. Lowered Prescription Drug Pricing: We estimate the initial Medicare prescription drug benefit to have an initi