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The Future of Money by Peter Hamilton (University of Miami), Impact Investing Analyst, Creative Investment Research.

           The discussion the Government Blockchain Association hosted on March 30th was the first in a yearlong series the group is hosting on the future of money. The 90 GBA chapters around the world will be hosting similar discussions leading up to a conference at the end of 2019 where the discussions will be compiled and presented. Additionally, the GBA Working Groups that analyze a large number of Blockchain related topics will develop position papers that will be published in The Government Blockchain Association’s annual report on the Future of Money, Governance & Law. The goal of these panels and working groups is to ask, and attempt to answer, some of the questions that governments around the world must begin to address in relation to how blockchain will affect the future of money, governance & law. The first panel that was hosted at Georgetown University was an introduction to future GBA events globally. Gerald Dache, the Founder and President of GBA, moder

DC Blockchain Summit “One Block at a Time: Taking Steps Towards a DLT-Based Financial System”. Lanxi He, Research Analyst Intern, Creative Investment. Georgetown University

On March 6 th - 7 th , the leading blockchain companies, enterprise executives and policymakers were at Georgetown University to discuss key policy issues having an impact on the industry at the Fourth Annual DC Blockchain Summit. Chamber of Digital Commerce members from more than 20 countries participated in the event and demonstrated how blockchain can potentially expand economic prosperity through trade finance, digital identity solutions, food supply chain management, health care, and many others sectors.  In the session “One Block at a Time: Taking Steps Towards a DLT-Based Financial System”, panelists talked about how to use blockchain in financial services like payments processing and using blockchain to improve business processes in financial services. DLT (distributedledger technology) can record the transfer of assets. Transactions and their details are recorded in multiple places at the same time. DTL is a digital system which is different from traditional