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Treasury Outlines Framework For Regulatory Reform

The U.S Department of the Treasury today proposed a new set of rules and regulations governing activities and firms in the financial marketplace. We applaud and fully support this effort. It follow a regulatory structure we first outlined in 1998 , and expanded in 2007 . As such we are hopeful. The proposal consists of four broad outlines: 1. "Addressing Systemic Risk: large, interconnected firms and markets need to be under a more consistent and more conservative regulatory regime. 2. Protecting Consumers and Investors: clear rules of the road that prevent manipulation and abuse. 3. Eliminating Gaps in Our Regulatory Structure: clear authority, resources, and accountability for key functions. A substantive system of regulation that meets the needs of the American people. 4. Fostering International Coordination: ensure that international rules for financial regulation are consistent with the high standards in the United States. Launch (of) a new initiative to address prude