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Thursday, May 18, 2017

The K(NO)W Identity Conference by Bo Wang, Impact Investing Intern and student at American University

From the past to the present, people always ask "Who are we?" Today, in a technological era, we have to ask ourselves: "What is my identity?" How does identification relate to our lives?

To help address these issues, on May 15th, One World Identity held The K(NO)W Identity Conference, a platform for participants to connect with identity industry leaders. There were 200 speakers, and more than 300 companies in attendance at this conference. This is a moment for people in the identity industry to learn from other experts. In addition, each session delivered ideas about how the identity industry relate to business, finance, security, government regulation, and so on. However, speakers pursued a neutral position and to sought to simply communicate ideas related to identity across different industries.

From eighteen (18) first day sessions, I attended three related to government, privacy, technology/implementation.

The first session I attended focused on using and managing big data. With all of the technical innovations in effect nowadays, how can we use (big) data that has been commercialized? The speakers focused on three issues: 1.) why do we collect the data? 2.) After we collect the data, how can we get to what is the essential knowledge, and 3.) what is the benefit of collecting the data.

The second session I attended was called The Business of Identity. We used to think of identity as a factor in access to resources; however, this session asked, why is identity starting to be a business in and of itself. Session members discussed digital identity and value it creates. In addition, they discussed control of personal data, and reducing the cost of sharing or securing sensitive information. Finally, they discussed simplifying and strengthening authentication.

The third session mainly talked about the international regulation of identification in the financial services field, and focused on key differences and global trends. One of many topic they discussed concerned global weather identification as a factor in global integration or disintegration. The final discussion concerned recent actions by the Monetary Authority of Singapore related to blockchain, cybersecurity, and government regulation.

Of course, this is a good way to discuss the future of identify, to grow your person network, and to meet and connect with identity industry business leaders.