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Minority Banks Recieving TARP Funding - Update

According to the US Treasury, "Among the most recent banks to receive Treasury funding was Legacy Bancorp of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a CDFI founded by African-American women and one of the fastest growing community banks in the nation. CDFIs such as Legacy provide vital credit and financial services to low-income areas that are often unavailable from commercial banks." Our list of minority banks getting TARP Capital now includes: Asian $936 Cathay General Bancorp $258 Center Financial Corp $55 East West Bancorp Inc $306 Pacific City Financial Corp. $16 Saigon National $2 UCBH Holdings Inc $299 Black $45 Broadway Financial Corp. $9 Carver Bancorp, Inc $19 OneUnited Bank $12 Legacy Bancorp, Inc. $5 Hispanic $1,551 First Bancorp $400 International Bancshares Corp $216 Popular Inc $935