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Women and Investing - Tisa Forrest, Johns Hopkins University, Impact Investing Intern

Review of New York Life Investments Webinar: Women & Investing. Lessons for Success: Strengthening Relationships & Transforming Your Business Introduction Forbes estimates women control $14 trillion in assets and that this number is increasing. They control 70-80% of the purchasing decisions, have longer life expectancies, but hold a disproportionate percent of life savings in cash.   Women aren’t all the same, but many feel advisors paint them with the same brush.  Women represent a compelling opportunity by increasing their involvement in the financial planning process, helping improve financial literacy, gaining greater financial independence. Main Takeaways from the NY Life Survey on Women and Investing 1. 62% of woman believe their investment needs are truly unique and feel as though they’re treated differently when working with financial advisors 2. 67% leave their financial advisor for something other than financial reasons: mainly a lack of personal conn
Impact Investing Forum North- Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, New York, NY- September 23-24, 2019. 15% discount code: CIRIIFN2019 The Impact Investing Forum will look at many of the asset classes that encompass this space. We invite you to join us and meet top influencers, experienced investors both public and private, money managers, and service providers that are leading the charge in this ever growing space. Themes of defining impact investing, portfolio construction, asset class opportunities, and the role of the investor are just a few of the stimulating topics to be covered at this event.

Opportunity Zones Forum - June 3, 2019

Opportunity Zones Forum Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, New York City June 3, 2019 15% discount code: CIROZF2019 The program will discuss how this program is encouraging long-term private sector investments in low-income urban and rural communities nationwide. Not only will this event explore the OZ investment process and regulations, but the forum will also explore current opportunities of the program and future potential implications of investing through Qualified Opportunity Zones.

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