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Minority Banks participating in the U.S. government's capital purchase program

"Company: Broadway Financial Corp. (BYFC) (Black owned)
Participation: Broadway received a $9 million investment and issued warrants to buy 183,175 common shares at $7.37 each. Date of disclosure: Nov. 14. Notes: Broadway's risk-based capital ratio was 11% and its tangible capital ratio was 7.65% at Sept. 30."

"Company: East West Bancorp Inc. (EWBC) (Asian owned)
Participation: East West received preliminary approval for $316 million of additional capital Date of disclosure: Nov. 14. Notes: East West's total risk-based capital would increase to 16.20% from 13.12%, and tangible equity to tangible assets ratio would increase to 10.73% from 7.95% as of Sept. 30."

"Company: UCBH Holdings Inc. (UCBH) (Asian owned)
Participation: UCBH issued $298.7 million in preferred shares and warrants to buy up to 7.84 million common shares at an exercise price of $5.71 a share. Date of disclosure: Nov. 14. Notes: The new capital will boost UCBH's risk-based capital ratio to 15% from 12.5%. UCBH announced preliminary approval Oct. 27."

"Company: International Bancshares Corp. (IBOC) (Hispanic)
Participation: Board believes the bank would be eligible for up to $200 million under the program if it secures amendments to allow it to issue preferred stock. Date of disclosure: Oct. 28. Notes: On Oct. 27, the bank's board approved resolutions to amend bank by-laws in order to allow it to issue preferred shares and called for a special shareholder meeting to approve the move."

Note: No Native American or Women-owned banks have received an investment yet.
Source: US Treasury, Dow Jones Newswires, CNN Money